EL GRAN BLAU 8b+/c in Oliana

Very happy about my latest performance: El Gran Blau 8b+/c in Oliana!! :-)
El Gran Blau 8b+/c is one of the most aesthetic and beautiful lines in Oliana and far away from an easy route. The line was bolted by Carles Brasco, is 50 Meters long and starts with some easy climbing before an athletic boulder in the orange part of the rock demands power and body-tension. This first crux is followed by a very pumpy section, mainly on pockets, side-holds and crimps. Finally a very technical crimpy boulderproblem at 45 Meters height leads to the top.
Last autumn a friend of mine broke a part of a crimp in the top-crux and I broke an intermediate in the middle part of the route just a few days before sending. This does not change the grade of the route, but I think, it s a really hard one and many other people, who sent this beauty, think the same.
This January the weather in Catalunya was not as good as it was the last winters, many days were foggy and cold, followed by a few days with sun and very warm spring-temperatures and therefore a short window of good conditions. Thanks to a very inspiring international team we were, regardless of the weather, always super-psyched and motivated to try our best!! So I really enjoyed making fast progress and fighting in El Gran Blau.
Last Tuesday, 13 January, I could fulfill the goal of my trip and sent this amazing route!!
Thanks for the nice pics to Paolosartoriphotography and to the whole team for the great time together in Oliana.